9 Things People Do That Car Mechanics Absolutely Hate, And 9 Things That Bring Them Joy

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1.Mechanics love it when you're specific with your notes:

A diagnostic note saying the customer says the brakes sound like Dory from Finding Nemo talking to the whale

2.But please, don't go sticking scissors in your gear shift (or anywhere else for that matter):

3.Mechanics love thoughtful gifts:

4.But please don't take it upon yourself to add TWO GALLONS of oil:

A mechanic's diagnosis sheet that says the customer states he added 2 gallons of oil after maintenance light came on

5. Mechanics love it when you take items they'll need — like wheel lock keys — and put them in view so they don't have to root through your glove box:

6. But oh my goodness, PLEASE change your tires more frequently than once every 12 years:

7. Mechanics love when customers have a little fun:

8. But for the love of Pete, please change your oil before it starts looking like this:

9. Mechanics love a weird bumper sticker:

10. But if you design cars, please allow some room for oil to drain:

11. Mechanics love seeing a unique paint job:

12. But if you deliver parts, please don't package them like this:

13. Mechanics love when you're patient and understanding:

14. But they don't love unreasonable demands:

15. Mechanics love an easy fix (always check if the vent is open, folks):

16. But if they give you advice and make you sign a waiver to ignore it...you should probably take the advice:

17. And finally, mechanics both love and hate when you're TOO diligent about changing your oil:

H/T: r/JustRolledIntoTheShop