OCT 23 - NOV 21

This week, you could have some very enjoyable moments. 

The week begins on Sunday, March 3, with Venus in Aquarius and your house of home and family squaring Uranus in Taurus. Scorpio, you might feel a strong urge to redecorate. You might go to the furniture store and try out new sofas. You might get a can of paint for an accent wall in the living room. Or you could whip up some colorful new pillows with fabric you have around the house.

On Monday, March 4, Mars in Aquarius sextiles the North Node in Aries and your house of work and coworkers. You might have a new coworker who seems like someone you’ve known before. You might make an instant connection with a vendor or new supervisor. Today, you have an opportunity to find someone who could be really helpful on the job.

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17 march - 23 march
Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe